Grease Trap Management

The need for fat, oil and grease management

Grease Waste can cause drain line blockage and disrupt the STP process. Grease Traps have been around for more than 100 Years. The concept is quite simple, waste water (from commercial kitchens containing Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) enters Grease Trap. FOG does not mix with water and as FOG is lighter than water,it rises to the top. The waste water escapes under an outlet baffle.

Without the inclusion of the Grease Trap in commercial kitchen the health and safety of the establishment will be compromised. Grease will cause blockages and will lead to back flow which is very unhygienic and foul odour will create air pollution in the working area. If it is left untreated it will destabilized the STP system.

Legislation and regulation

  • The problem of FOG pollution is being addressed at a national and state level. Recent incorporation into Building Regulations and a proactive stance from many Local Authorities require that the problem is managed at source.

The Human Example

FOG flows through the sanitary sewer system much like bad cholesterol and fatty acids in the human body (which cause “hardening of arteries”).

FOG can accumulate and constrict flow and potentially cause blockages similar to plaque build up in blood vessels.

Did you know 1 gram of grease can have a very high BOD levels? Did you know kitchen FOG that has oil can have BOD’s as high as 2-300 ppm?

Fast, effective grease interceptor maintenance

  • • Helps reduce grease interceptor maintenance through long-lasting microbial bioaugmentation
  • • Helps prevent buildup by continuously degrading a broad range of fat, oil, and grease (FOG), as well as other food organics
  • • Maintains a clean effluent drain line and reduces effluent drain blockages
  • • Does not carry FOG downstream in the Sewage system

Odour control

  • • Helps reduce grease interceptor odours by continuously breaking down the odourous volatile fatty acids and odour-causing organics in the grease interceptor

Advanced microbial technology

  • • Patented microbial technology for long lasting performance, even under harsh or low-pH conditions

Easy to formulate

  • • Highly concentrated
  • • Stable and consistent microorganism blend
  • • No additional preservatives needed

Understanding FOG Sources

  • • Fatty foods
  • • Cooking oils
  • • Residual food debris
  • • Kitchen utensils
  • • Dinnerware
  • • Deep Fryers
  • • Leftovers