Fruit Flies and Drain Lines Treatment

  • Fruit Flies, Drain Flies though small, they detect the smell from a good distance away
  • Once inside, they reproduce.
  • Flies have notoriously fast life cycles; they can go from egg to adult in just 8 days.
  • Fruit flies are also known for their persistence, once indoor. They don't even need food to keep reproducing.
  • Flies breed in the gelatinous organic layer that forms on the interior pipe walls. Flies live and breed in unsanitary places. They fly slowly and are attracted to light, making them very visible to customers
  • Unsanitary operation, maintenance, repair practices, faulty facility design create such niches in the environment which becomes safe breeding ground for flies
  • Scientific research shows that flies carry more disease-causing pathogens than cockroaches

Bioremediation programme with Greezgard

  • Programme targets the source of sanitation problems. They are proven to get rid of fats, oils and grease (FOG) and rotting organic debris
  • Good Bioremediation programme with Greezgard supports pest management because it limits those resources, which pests need to survive and reproduce.
  • To reduce flies - Prevent maggots
  • To reduce pests - Minimize source of odour
  • Greezgard helps to reduce fly, cockroach and ant’s breeding and feeding sources. They also reduce foul odours caused by decay of organic material, which attracts pets


  • Pests are most likely to occur and become established in those areas where all the pest’s needs are met: food, water or moisture, warmth and a hiding place.
  • Pest management together with Bioremediation is an increasingly popular service internationally with the restaurants, hotels, clubs, and QSRs.
  • Use Greezgard for effective control of Drain and Fruit flies along with other pests and source of bad odour.

A Biological Drain Line Solution - WHY? (Bioremediation)

  • Chemicals simply liquefy the FOG with the intent of clearing drain lines, but it usually, re-solidifies further down the line
  • Plumbers rely on tools such as augers or hydro-jets to dislodge FOG. Over the time, this mechanical process damages drain lines
  • Chemicals masks’ the odour instead of removing its cause and corrodes drain lines
  • Infrequent cleaning leads to foul odour, blockages and backups which leads to unhygienic condition
  • Greezgard eliminates FOG by introducing live microorganisms that digests FOG, hence the ONLY SOLUTION BioSol Greezgard
  • Fast, effective grease interceptor drain line maintenance
  • Helps prevent buildup by continuously degrading a broad range of fat, oil, and grease (FOG), as well as other food organics through long-lasting microbial bioaugmentation
  • Maintains a clean effluent drain line and reduces effluent drain blockages
  • Odour control
  • Helps reduce odours caused by grease interceptors by continuously breaking down the odourous volatile fatty acids and odour-causing organics in the grease interceptor
  • Advanced microbial technology
  • Patented microbial technology long-lasting performance, even under harsh or low-pH condition

Proactive Drain line Treatment

Improvement in Flow Rate of Kitchen Drains with BioSol Greezgard